Our Curriculum Subjects

At St Bartholomew’s CE Primary we follow the National Curriculum and ensure that we provide our children with a broad, balanced and engaging curriculum which is personalised to meet the needs of our pupils and the school community.

We ensure that social, moral, spiritual and cultural (SMSC) learning permeates throughout the curriculum, providing pupils with the opportunity to celebrate the diverse society we live in, with British Values being an integral part of school life.

We study the national curriculum foundation subjects (geography, history, art, design and technology) and link where possible to an overarching theme, to ensure there is some cross-curricular learning. We utilise trips, special visitors and practical experiences to enhance the topics and bring them to life for the pupils.

Other subjects such as Science, PSHE, Computing, MFL, RE and PE are taught separately, with lessons carefully planned to meet the requirements of the National Curriculum and also taking into account the interests of our pupils and the needs of our school community.


The curriculum elements we choose depend on three factors:

  • The content set out in the National Curriculum for each of the subjects
  • The interests and needs of the children
  • The core values of our school

For example, our Rivers work in Geography linked to the local river Trent in Longnor and how this has influenced life in the village. It also provided opportunities for our pupils to develop skills in other subjects like poetry.

The National Curriculum sets out the minimum content. At St Bartholomew’s Primary, we make sure children learn lots of additional skills, knowledge and understanding. For example:

  • We offer a range of after-school clubs and opportunities to learn cookery
  • Current local / national or international events can provide a great basis for learning – linking with other local schools to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee in 2022.


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